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E18, F18 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Error code E18 or F18 means that the Bosch washing machine cannot drain the water after the wash cycle is completed. In other words, it is noticeable that the program has ended in time, but the tank is still filled with water. This means that for some reason the drain mechanism did not start, and you can't just open the door to get the laundry. If the machine does not have a display, then the spin indicators will flash or light up to indicate that the drain is not draining.

If this happens, you must immediately turn off the water supply and turn off the unit itself by pressing the button. You also need to remove the plug from the socket. Then, to diagnose and understand the causes of the malfunction, you need to drain all the water from the tank. To do this, you can pull out the drain hose or drain filter. True, the second method threatens with flooding.

How to eliminate

If the error code E18 or F18 is visible, it is not necessary to immediately call the service center. Often the problem is easy to fix on your own, it is only important to understand the cause. The most common:

  • Clogged drain filter. It protects the pump from lint, debris, foreign objects. You can also clean it up on your own. How to do this is written in the instructions.
  • Drain hose kink. It is enough just to straighten it, and the problem will disappear.
  • Sewer blockage. E18 errors are common with washers connected to a sewer siphon. Checking the problem is easy - just get the hose from the sewer and insert it into the sink. If the drain is working, then you need to clean the sewer.

Rarely, but it happens that the water does not drain due to a board failure. Try disconnecting the machine from the network for 10-15 minutes and then start it again.

What could be the damage?

If you have done all the above, but nothing has helped, then something is wrong with the washing machine. Error E18 or F18 is the result of several breakdowns.

Manifestations Malfunction How is eliminated
Water does not drain, error E18 is on. The drain pump is broken. This is the most common reason for not draining. Installing a new pump.
The path is clogged. You need to check if the drainpipe, hose or filter is clogged with debris. Cleaning a clogged element.
The water does not drain. E18 lights up immediately when the washer is turned on. Failure of the control module. It has vulnerable parts that burn out with use. Element diagnostics. First, the master must understand why he failed. Module repair involves the replacement of burnt parts, their soldering. In rare cases, you have to change the entire board.
During the washing process, the water did not drain. The spin program does not start, the washer freezes with error E18. Damaged drain pump contacts or wiring. Check wires for integrity. When the master finds the place of the break, he either restores it or changes the entire wire. Damaged contacts are soldered or also changed.
The pressure switch or level sensor is broken. The sensor is restored or replaced with a new one.

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