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E17, F17 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Bosch washing machines give error codes E17 or F17 in some situations. Firstly, this code appears at the beginning, when the door is already locked, but there is no set of water. Secondly, in the process of work - the liquid enters for too long, as a result, the program stops, and an error is knocked out. Third, when you start rinsing. The general meaning of code E17 or F17 is too long water supply.

Bosch models without a display also have a self-diagnosis system that reports such a malfunction. For such machines, two indicators light up or flash simultaneously - the choice of the mode without spinning and 800 revolutions. If the washer starts behaving like this, then the time allotted for collecting water has expired.

How to fix it on your own

In most cases, such incorrect behaviour of the machine is easy to eliminate without the intervention of the master.

Manifestations Causes Solutions
Water is constantly drawn in and immediately drained, error E17 or F17 is on. This usually happens right after the machine is installed. Wrong connection. If the drain is connected incorrectly, water will always flow out of the tank by itself. Correct installation strictly according to the instructions. The drain hose must be above the water level.
Water does not make noise when typing. There is no water supply. Open the faucet - maybe the water is blocked. Resolve water supply issues.
Water supplies blocked. Check if the stop valve is open. Open the valve.
The hose is twisted. This happens if it is very long. Straighten the hose.
Water makes noise for a long time when typing, then an error is displayed. Insufficient pressure. Open the valve completely. If the pressure is still weak, fix the problem.
Water is collected poorly, an error glow. The drain filter is clogged. Clean the drain filter.

If all this has been done, but the E17 or F17 code does not disappear, then the washer has broken.

What could be the damage?

Manifestations Malfunction How to eliminate
Water is not collected at all or only when switching to rinsing. Fill valve failure. The most vulnerable element in it is the electromagnetic coil responsible for the water supply. Installing a new valve.
Water is not poured at all. The pressure switch broke. It is also called a level sensor. Breakdowns are associated with damage to the tube, clogging of the chamber. The sensor itself may be faulty. Repair or replace the item with a new one.
The code E17 or F17 appears immediately after switching on. The washer does not start. Controller failure. Replacing parts that have burned out. Individual elements are soldered. Sometimes only replacing the entire board helps.
A module firmware failure has occurred. Module reprogramming.
Damaged wire or contacts. Restoration, soldering of the affected elements. Sometimes you must change them.

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