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E02 Error in a Bosch washing machine

Thanks to the self-diagnosis system, the Bosch washing machine always promptly informs the owner about malfunctions and errors in operation. It is easy to determine what the problem is by the code consisting of letters and numbers. It appears on the display of the device, and the decoding of the most frequent values \u200b\u200bis indicated in the instructions. If error E02 appears on a machine with an electric motor, this is often a sign of a critical malfunction.

Such an error stands for a sign of a problem with the electric motor or its contacts. It manifests itself in quite serious damage. When the code E02 appears on the display, the machine often does not start at all. If the cycle starts, then the drum does not spin, and the process still does not start. The error requires a prompt response - otherwise, the wiring or the engine itself may burn out.

How to diagnose on the spot

Error E02 is ambiguous. Despite the specific meaning, its appearance can also be caused by third-party reasons - for example, power outages. Before calling the wizard, it is worth checking factors that are not directly related to the mechanisms of the device. Sometimes you can fix the problem on your own.

For self-diagnosis, the following actions are necessary:

  • Check mains voltage. If it is too low, insufficient for the normal operation of the washer, you need to invite an electrician.
  • Make sure all motor contacts are in perfect order.
  • Restart your washing machine. To do this, simply disconnect it from the network and wait for a while (about 15 minutes). Then turn on the unit again. If the error does not appear, then the board has failed.

The module may also overheat. This malfunction is eliminated by turning the machine off and on.

If after all the actions, attempts to reset the program and if the socket is working, the error still appears, then the engine mechanics will have to be repaired. It is not always expensive; it all depends on which element needs to be repaired or replaced.

What repairs are carried out when error E02 appears?

This code indicates the following breakdowns:

  • Motor brush wear. During operation, they are erased, therefore it is impossible to repair them in any way - only to install new ones.
  • Rotor bearing failure. When water gets into it, leaks appear in the tank, or a loud noise is heard during operation. The problem is solved either by replacing the bearing or by lubricating and processing it. Sometimes a new rotor needs to be installed.
  • Hall sensor failure.

Very rarely, the cause of the appearance of the E02 code is the failure of the control module.

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