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DC3 error in Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung electronics washing machine shows a dC3 error, this is accompanied by problems with closing the door. It either won't open or it can't be closed. This code does not appear in all models of cars, but only those where the Add Door function is implemented, or an additional download. Error dC3 means that the Add Door function has failed. It happens that the cycle, at the same time, is interrupted in the middle. Before the arrival of the master, it is worth trying to solve the problem yourself. It is necessary to check whether the stuck things interfere with the closing of the door, or maybe it really is not closed. Error dC3 also occurs due to a failure of the self-diagnosis system and the control module. This issue is resolved by rebooting. The machine is disconnected from the network and stays like this for up to 15 minutes, then it turns on again.

What are the breakdowns?

If the dC3 error does not disappear after a reboot, this indicates such malfunctions:

  • UBL broke,
  • damaged hinges or lock,
  • Damaged\departed Add Door contacts.

Rarely, but it happens that such an error lights up due to a failure of the control module.

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