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Samsung Fridge service center Decosters Road

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Call: 9500611963

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Fast service in Decosters Road


We repair your fridge quickly and affordable in Decosters Road.

Inexpensive prices in Decosters Road

Price does not change

We buy parts directly - Low repair prices in Decosters Road


With a guarantee

We give a guarantee from 2 months after repair!

Spare parts

We work without days off

The call of the technician and the arrival at the house

Samsung Fridge Service Center in Decosters Road

Samsung Fridge Service in Decosters Road

In today's modern world, a fridge is in severe need to store products that can get decomposed or spoilt if kept without cooling. If this appliance doesn't work, then most of the things will go to the bin. Chennai Service Center is here to fix all the problems relating to Samsung fridges in Decosters Road. We have technicians with good knowledge of the errors that can take place in your Samsung fridge and are also experienced for years in the field. If you need our services, please do call us on the 9500611963.

Within the next 2 hours, our mechanic will reach your place to provide services and repairs to your Samsung fridge. We are available for 24 hours for servicing your Samsung fridge. Our mechanic will examine your Samsung fridge and will suggest to you the spare parts to be replaced in your Samsung fridge repair and service in Decosters Road. All the spare parts will be supplied by the Chennai Service Center. And we are similar to authorized service providers in Decosters Road.

Samsung Fridge Service Center Decosters Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600012

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Call: 9500611963