Why the air conditioner at home does not turn on - the main reasons

If your air conditioner has stopped turning on, but you are lucky (it turned out to be dead batteries), immediately consider a major overhaul or complete equipment replacement.

Air conditioning systems, like any equipment, need service. It allows you to identify a minor malfunction to avoid critical errors in the operation of the equipment. Therefore, be prudent, and provide for the costs of a scheduled call with the mechanic.

If the equipment refuses to work, the indicator does not light up or respond to the power supply or signals from the remote control. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause and eliminate it.

Otherwise, the expensive and much-needed unit will cease to justify its existence.

The most common reasons why the air conditioner does not turn on

Experts name dozens of reasons why climate equipment stops working. Consider the most common of them and how to fix these problems.

  1. If the air conditioner does not turn on, the compressor does not buzz, but before that, the mode was switched (from cooling to heating or vice versa). Most likely, the device does not start since it takes time to reconfigure it. This feature is inherent in most models. Just wait a few minutes and try turning it on again.
  2. Turning on the device or changing the operating mode from the remote control is impossible, but the indicators on the control panel are lit. In that case, the device responds to the supply of current. Then the remote control is faulty. Try to change the batteries and get closer (the remote control does not work further than 8 meters). You can verify that the remote control is working (a signal is coming from it) using your smartphone: turn on the camera and look through it at the infrared light on the remote control. Flashes will be visible if you press any keys on the remote.
  3. The unit does not start, and an error message is displayed: Temperature too low. That means the equipment does not work in the temperature regime you are trying to operate. Specify the range of permissible temperatures in the operating instructions.
  4. The air conditioner not only does not start after pressing the key on the panel but also from the remote control. The indicators do not light up. In this case, most likely, the cause is a broken power circuit. First, check the outlet is working (try to insert it into another one). If this measure does not change the situation, call the wizard. The specialist will disassemble the device and check the circuit (evaluate the serviceability of the cable, plug and socket).
  5. The machine worked but stopped starting or starting, but only worked for a short time. Most likely, the matter is in the blockage formed at the air outlet. It is necessary to remove the pollution or replace the overload protection.
  6. Information about the error (with a code) is displayed, accompanied by an audible signal - it means that the operation has stopped due to a detected malfunction. You should decrypt the error code according to the user instructions. Further actions will depend on the nature of the breakdown: is it possible to fix it yourself, or will you have to call a specialist?
  7. Due to freon leakage, the security system does not allow for turning on the device. It needs to be diagnosed and pressurization refuelling. It may be necessary to replace parts that are leaking.
  8. The problem may be in the breakdown of one of the components. If turning off the device (or reducing its efficiency) is accompanied by oil streaks, you must call the service center urgently. We will repair or, if necessary, replace components.

Conclusions and prevention measures

First of all, after buying an ac (or better before), read the instructions. Specify the capabilities of the equipment (maximum power) and the conditions under which the equipment works efficiently and without failures (duration of operation without stopping, the range of permissible temperatures). If, for example, the ambient temperature is lower than the permissible lower threshold specified in the instructions, all components of the external unit may fail. Then the ac will have to be changed to a more suitable one for your climate.

The rules of operation and maintenance vary depending on the complexity of the model, the intensity of its use and operating conditions. For example, masters for servicing air conditioners in offices and private homes are called once or twice a year. 

It is worth calling the master for an unscheduled check if you suddenly hear it sounds unusual for the unit or see a leak, ice or dust accumulation. These signs indicate the need for urgent repairs.

In addition to regular service, it is necessary to clean the filters yourself. While the air conditioner is used daily (in the summer), they clean it once every two weeks. One filter is used for no longer than 6 months of intensive air conditioner operation. Then it is replaced with a new one.

When is the right time to call a mechanic?

As we have seen, we can explain the non-working start of air conditioners for various reasons. Sometimes, it is enough to fix the remote control or socket malfunctions. But, in others - you can only do this by calling a specialist.

If you followed all the precautions, but the air conditioner still stopped working, check the socket's power supply and serviceability, and plug and replace the batteries on the remote control. Then, try restarting after a few minutes. And if these measures do not help, call the experts.

Contact the Chennai Service Center. Our specialists will carry out high-quality repairs and will not charge extra fees. Moreover, if it is possible to avoid the most expensive procedures - replacing the compressor, board, and refilling with freon - they will take other effective measures to get your equipment back on track. And they will provide a guarantee for the repaired equipment so that you can enjoy the efficient operation of your ac for a long time.

If the specialists have doubts about the feasibility of repair, they carry out detailed diagnostics and inform the client. Then, you can decide to replace the ac with a new one, having all the necessary data on hand.