Tips to extend your washing machine life

Washing your clothes by hand is not a very common task nowadays. It is not only a tough job but also a very time-consuming job. Why do many of us invest in washing machines to clean our clothes? But while owning a washing machine is one thing taking care is another essential task. How many of us know how to clean and maintain our home washing machine? Yes! Few people know this. Overlook the impact different detergents have on the life of our machines. Sometimes, we completely neglect the maintenance of the drum area or the vent that dries the clothes of the machine. Neglecting this maintenance can sometimes lead to clogged drains, leaking washers, and not dispensing detergent properly. If we want our washing machines to run in good condition, we need to take care of all these things. Tips list for washing machine runs for years to come.

Avoid overloading your washer

Avoid overloading your washer

We have learned from experience that it is a good practice not to overload the washing machine when doing weekly laundry. While the sight of an overflowing laundry basket is not pleasant, running a single wash cycle to clean all your piles of laundry is a bad idea. One reason is overload. Wear and tear by fine clothes and their different parts can shorten the washing machine's life. Therefore, read the recommendations in the washing machine manual and follow them accordingly for each cycle.

Choose the correct detergent.

Choose the correct detergent

You may wonder what a detergent has to do with the life of a washing machine. We have enough reasons to help you understand the relationship between using the correct liquid detergent and the longevity of your washing machine. Beginners use hand-washing detergents. These do not dissolve well in the washing machine. Hence, they leave a white residue. That can eventually clog the engine's filter and cause other damage. We recently tried Surf Excel Matic Liquid. We were pleased to see the results of our washing machine. Keep the washing machine clean after every cycle!

And we also realized that liquid detergent dissolves quickly in our washing machine. Unlike powder detergent, it leaves no residue! Checking the label helps keep the pipes free from clogging and residue. That makes the washing machine work great for many years.

Always check the pockets of your clothes.

Always check the pockets of your clothes

You know probably seen this warning before. But this is something important to remember. Always check your clothes before putting them in the laundry. We are not just saying this to protect your belongings from any damage. Did you know that metal objects like keys and coins have the potential to damage the inner tube of a washer? Therefore, it is essential to empty the pockets before putting your clothes in the washing cycle.

Clean the dryer vent and lint filter regularly.

Clean the dryer vent and lint filter regularly

To maintain your washing machine dryer, make sure to clean the machine's lint filter regularly. It will not take much time. It helps to increase life and also prevents fire accidents. Keeping the dryer clean will help the machine perform at its highest level.

A little solid and more important is to clean the vent/duct at least once a year. Your washing machine's hose accumulates wax, lint, and other reject daily. These rejects will ultimately reduce the efficiency of your dryer. That can lead to repair costs. Because of this, you can put a big hole in your budget. It is a good idea to clean your vent/duct monthly will extend the machine's life.

Capturing these simple tips will ensure that your washing machine runs efficiently for many years without needing any repairs or replacements.

Use descalers regularly.

Use descalers regularly

The hard water in your areas will use descalers. Limescale can build up in a washing machine's pipes and pumps and slowly disrupt its inner workings. Descalers are essentially chemical agents. That can use to remove limescale, calcium deposits, and other insoluble elements from metal surfaces. Using descalers over some time helps keep your machine in optimal condition.