The washing machine will not open - you can do that

The laundry has been washed and spun, ready to hang, but the washing machine will not open. Many housewives are familiar with this problem but do not know how to solve it.

There are usually two quite different reasons for this problem. We will explain what these are in the following article.

The washing machine does not open - that may be the reason

Why doesn't a washing machine open? The most common reason is that there is still water in the machine. The fact that the water was not pumped out of the machine could be due to a clogged fluff filter, or maybe the pump is broken or the drain hose is blocked.

Was the machine from any of these reasons, the water does not pump out, then a sensor prevents the opening of the washing machine door. That is right too, because if the door could be opened, the water would run through the bathroom or kitchen.

The washing machine will not open because of a mechanical fault? In this case, the door lock is almost always defective. The rule here is: violence is not a solution, because the door cannot be opened with it.

The pump is broken

If the water is clearly visible in the machine, then you are probably glad that the machine cannot be opened. To determine whether the problem is with the pump, the washing machine should be set to "Drain" again. If the program is successfully completed and the machine pumps out the water, the washing machine can usually be opened again without any problems. If the pump is defective, it makes sense to consult a specialist.

If the lint filter or the end hose are clogged, even pumping again will not help. In this case, the water must be drained manually in order to open the machine.

Drain the water manually

So that the water can be drained from the machine manually, an extra hose must be pulled out near the lint filter. Another way to drain the water is to carefully open the strainer yourself. Either way, it is important to have a large bowl, tub, or bucket handy as the machine can drain a lot of water.

If the machine is on the floor, draining the water is often a problem because there is no space for a bowl or bucket. A baking sheet can help here. When the machine no longer contains water, the door can be opened again without any problems.

Clogged drain hose

The washing machine cannot be opened because the drain hose or the so-called siphon is blocked? Hobby craftsmen can quickly check this themselves. Pay attention to whether the hose has kinks that impede the flow of water. If there is a blockage, an attempt can be made to resolve it, e.g., B. by blowing or a suction syringe. If you do not think so, you can turn to the professional here, who can usually fix the damage quickly. To do this, the connecting hose is unscrewed from the siphon and rinsed thoroughly once, after which opening the door should no longer be a problem.

The washing machine will not open - when is a repair due?

A washing machine repair is not always necessary. However, if the problem of the washing machine does not open again occurs, then it is time to contact a professional to have a look at the machine.

The washing machine does not open because the door lock is defective

With this problem it is important to know whether it is an electronic or a mechanical door lock. Regardless of which of the two locks it is, the washing machine must first be disconnected from the power supply.

If the machine has an electronic door lock, the door opens when the washing machine no longer receives power. If it still does not open after a few minutes, it can help to give the so-called locking pin a light blow. However, there is no reason to celebrate because the lock has to be replaced. The best way to do this is to contact a repair service.

If it is a mechanical lock, the emergency lock in the washing machine door must help. Where this is located is different in every machine. Here it helps to look in the instructions for use.