The smell from the air conditioner in the apartment: what to do

A common problem in the operation of modern air conditioners is the appearance of an unpleasant odour. Experts in household and industrial equipment strongly recommend that you immediately deal with and eliminate the causes of its appearance. They assure that ignoring will not lead to anything good:

  1. You will stop using the conditioner for its intended purpose (to avoid an unpleasant fragrance).
  2. The equipment will fail sooner or later and will no longer be subject to repair (only replacement).
  3. A bad smell can adversely affect people's health in the room.

The problem arises mainly due to improper equipment maintenance or a long break in its operation, but there may be other reasons. So, first, let's find out why the system's functioning leads to such consequences as an unpleasant smell. And we will find out how to quickly fix the problem by returning the device to service.

The main danger is bacteria.

If the smell appeared after a long break in the operation of the split system, then it was caused by bacteria, dust mites, or even pathogens (respiratory tract diseases, colds). In this case, the danger is obvious: the air from such an air conditioner cannot be called clean. It is polluted and carries a danger. Namely, a person can worsen a chronic disease (asthma, allergies) and develop one of the above. Those in the room in such a situation often experience a deterioration in well-being and a decreased working capacity. Children are at significant risk in such a situation (they are more susceptible to various diseases since the young organism grows, develops and is not yet strong enough to resist pathogens and infections).

Also, installation errors lead to the reproduction of bacteria inside the device, as a result of which liquid stagnation forms. A putrefactive smell, a smell of dampness, and a stench testify to the colonization of the air conditioner by fungi and bacteria.

Cleaning the filter and disinfecting the equipment will solve the problem. Taking care of timely cleaning is especially important for a place with a large crowd of people (shopping centres, supermarkets, government agencies, office buildings).

Most air conditioners are used only in the summer. But should run it more often to eliminate the risk of bacterial growth.

Other common causes

In addition to the most dangerous reason, there are several others. You can determine the cause by smell.

  1. Unpleasant. did not replace the filters promptly; the recommended care procedures were not carried out (air conditioners must be periodically cleaned and washed). For the equipment to serve its intended purpose (purify the air in the room), it is only necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. The smell of plastic. Cheap materials smell like plastic when you first turn on the device. If the smell does not go away but resembles melting plastic, it is worth calling the master to diagnose and, if necessary, fix the problem.
  3. Burnt wiring. It occurs when shorted and may cause a fire. In this case, you need to call a specialist.
  4. Stale air with a persistent odour. In some models of air conditioners, such an operating mode is provided in which the device takes air not from the street but from the room itself. If the source of the smell is present in the room, then the intake and exhaust air will smell the same. You must switch the device to another mode to ventilate the room properly. It is necessary to eliminate the source of the smell and ventilate the room. Also, experts recommend purchasing separately and installing an antibacterial filter in the ac.
  5. The smell from the ac. That occurs due to an error in the drain device in systems that drain condensate into the sewer. When installing such equipment, experts advise installing a siphon. If an installation error has already been made, you can fix it in one way - by reinstalling the system again.
  6. Air with a sour smell. The air conditioner's unpleasant "fragrance" can only appear due to an oxidation reaction (the water has stood in the bath for too long). Cleaning and disinfection are required.

There are many other reasons for a strange smell coming from your ac. As you can see, the problem can be solved in most cases by cleaning and disinfecting the equipment. For prevention purposes, it is necessary to periodically clean the internal parts of the ac and the fan. Sometimes it is worth checking the correct installation and conducting diagnostics.

When is a significant overhaul required?

If they cannot eliminate the consequences of the malfunctioning operation of the ac on their own, they call specialists for diagnostics. An experienced master will determine the source of the problem and prevent equipment damage. Only he will decide if major repairs are required.

Serious consequences will come if you ignore the problem for a long time and neglect the care recommendations. Specialists of the Chennai Service Center of Companies are always ready to help you: they will determine the cause, eliminate the source of the smell, if necessary, they will disassemble, repair, and assemble your equipment. They will also advise on further preventing failures and draw up a schedule for cleaning your air conditioning system. After our help, your air conditioning system will work properly again and last many more years.

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