So that household appliances live for a long time

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without the usual refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner. All these devices are faithful helpers in everyday life, designed to make life easier and provide comfort in the home. But even the highest quality household appliances can break down over time and need service. In order to maintain its serviceability for a long time, you need to know the standard service life of household appliances and do everything necessary to increase it.

How long can a technician last?

How long a particular device will work depends largely on its manufacturer. Appliances from well-known and proven brands break down much less often and last longer than a refrigerator or washing machine from a little-known manufacturer. Large-sized appliances can last up to 10 years on average, and smaller household appliances up to 7 years.

In general, the average service life of a device is calculated by the warranty period given by the manufacturer. Often breakdowns occur due to the fact that the owner of the equipment did not use it corny according to the instructions. The cause of a malfunction of the refrigerator may be a burnout of the motor-compressor due to voltage surges in the mains. A washing machine most often fails due to the harmful effects of limescale, and an electric stove - due to a burnout of a switch or burner.

Longer service life

  1. To make your washing machine last longer, you need to follow simple guidelines. The household appliance must always stand on a flat surface and be used strictly for its intended purpose, and not as a bedside table or table. The washer will work flawlessly if you take the following rules as a basis:
  2. You never need to overload the machine and put more things in it than you should. It is advisable to take out wet laundry immediately after washing, as it becomes heavier than dry and overloads the drum.
  3. Periodically rinse the powder compartment and clean the drum every month with a descaler or regular citric acid.
  4. The amount of washing powder and fabric softener should be measured exactly as indicated in the instructions. Some devices need to load detergent directly into the drum, while others have special compartments for this.
  5. Clothes with zippers and buttons must be turned inside out and kept buttoned up. Pockets should be carefully checked for small items, paper and debris to avoid blockages.

The service life of the boiler can be increased by timely descaling, replacing the heating element if necessary, and avoiding sudden power surges.

The refrigerator will last longer if you strictly follow the rules for its transportation. In order for the oil not to leak out of the compressor, it must be delivered in an upright position and not turned on for the first 15 hours. Any even the most modern automatic device sometimes needs to be defrosted and washed inside. Do not leave the refrigerator with the door open for a long time or put hot food in it.

Proper care of household appliances will help extend the service life and avoid unwanted financial costs. In cases when it is required to repair or replace a damaged part in a washing machine , refrigerator or any other household appliances, Chennai Service Center will come to the rescue. We employ qualified specialists with extensive experience who will quickly and efficiently eliminate any malfunction and give your equipment a second life.