Need to sanitize your air conditioner?

There are several possible reasons for the appearance of microorganisms:

  1. A specific humidity in the premises favourably affects the development of various microorganisms,
  2. The formation of fungus on the walls in the presence of a significant difference between the temperature level of the outdoor and indoor air and the absence of a high-quality ventilation system.

According to experts, there is no need for special studies to determine the presence of bacteria in the system. Turning on the air conditioner will fill the room with a persistent smell of decay. And just as before the aseptic processing of various surfaces, it is necessary to clean them. Before disinfection of climatic equipment, it must first be washed and cleaned. At the initial stage of disinfection of components, standard or deep cleaning of climate equipment should be carried out. Our company uses unique compositions for the disinfection of air conditioners:

  1. flushing of the drainage system is carried out using a unique aseptic solution,
  2. processing of component surfaces - using a unique aerosol excludes a corrosion reaction.

Following experts' recommendations, clean ac, disinfecting, and preventive maintenance must be carried out on them at least once a year: in spring, before starting the equipment. But, of course, we can also carry out these events in autumn (after the end of summer, before the next operating season), but only for models with a winter kit.