Moving with a washing machine - the right transport

There are many things to consider when moving to Berlin. The large pieces of furniture and household appliances, such as the washing machine, pose a particular challenge. With new appliances, you can benefit from the fuses that are installed ex works. Ideally, the backups and the corresponding instructions should be kept for a possible move.

Transport lock simplifies the transport of the washing machine

If the screws for the transport lock are still there, you should insert them. The operating instructions describe how to insert and remove the transport lock. Alternatively, the description with the model's name can be downloaded from the manufacturer's homepage. Long threaded bolts prevent the free-swinging drum of the washing machine from moving. This prevents the drum from hitting the housing. This would cause damage that would require repairs in Berlin. In special cases, repairs to the washing machines are no longer possible or economically viable. However, it is also possible to purchase additional threaded bolts from LG, Samsung, Siemens, IFB or Bosch.

Transport without transport lock

It is possible to transport washing machines without a transport lock. In order to avoid a repair in Berlin, a few points must be observed. Specialists from the repair service know that most damage occurs when the vehicle is lying flat. It is therefore advisable to transport washing machines upright. This applies to trips with the hand truck, vehicles and when carried with the hands. According to the weight, the transport should be carried out by two people. It is also advisable to wear work gloves. This makes the washing machines easier to hold, which reduces the potential for injury.

Checking the washing machine after transport

If there are uncertainties regarding the functionality after the transport, a check with possible repairs in Berlin can be arranged. The repair service offers customer service, repairs and cost estimates on site at the customer's premises. The costs for traveling to Berlin and Brandenburg are part of the bill. Accordingly, a company from the area is ideal, which affects the arrival time of the technicians. Correct transportation is more important than checking and repairing the washing machine after transportation. Costs that arise from the repair are not included in the guarantee and are to be borne by yourself.

Tips from the technicians

With increasing professional experience, the technicians have carried out one or two repairs on washing machines in Berlin that were necessary due to the transport. Accordingly, the service staff can make recommendations on how the transport should be carried out. The advice applies to everything related to transportation and preparation. Companies that repair washing machines in Berlin provide information over the phone as to why the contact is worthwhile. The aim is to ensure that the washing machine continues to function and that repairs are superfluous. With tools, the transport to the vehicle can be simplified and costs can be saved. Damage to the washing machine that requires repairs in Berlin can occur in every section, which is why caution is advised. Transport security reduces damage, but does not completely rule out repairs to the washing machine.

  • Transporting washing machines with auxiliary equipment
  • Transport security reduces the costs of any repairs in Coimbatore
  • Transport washing machines in pairs
  • Transport locks are cheap to buy later

Are the dangers with all large devices?

When moving, caution is advised with all large appliances in the household. It is irrelevant whether it is a AC, refrigerator,  dryer or washing machine. If in doubt, you should call the technician and have a washing machine repair carried out in Chennai.