Eliminate freezing air conditioners

Freezing of the indoor unit

The indoor unit of the air conditioner may freeze up for the following most common reasons:

  1. Use of the air conditioner during the cold season. Cannot operate some split systems at negative temperatures. That is especially true for the heating mode.
  2. Too close furniture placement near the air conditioner creates barriers and interferes with the average circulation of air masses. By moving the furniture at least three meters away from the appliance, you can solve the problem.
  3. He created the overload of the compressor due to the breakdown of the evaporator frost sensors and the board.
  4. The contamination of elements such as filters, evaporators, and fan impellers.
  5. Need for more refrigerant. You can correct the situation by refuelling.
  6. It clogged the capillary tube. To clean it, you must use a special high-pressure compressor.
  7. A crease or poor-quality flaring of a thin copper tube. You must replace the entire tube or change its damaged section to solve the problem.

Freezing of the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner may freeze up for the following most common reasons:

  1. Operation of the air conditioner in heating mode when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius.
  2. Moisture is getting inside the device. The thin tube of the air conditioner is covered with frost or ice and freezes over the first of all other elements. The obstruction of the movement of the refrigerant is fixed, and the entire external unit freezes.
  3. Too much refrigerant. Regular operation at lower temperatures can be carried out with less refrigerant. To stop freezing, removing (bleed) a certain amount of freon is necessary.
  4. Contamination of parts, most often freezing of the air conditioner heat exchanger, occurs due to contamination with dust particles. Regular operation of the device will be possible after cleaning.