Eliminate air conditioner noise

Causes of noise

  1. Unprofessional installation, loosening of fasteners, provoking vibration of the case,
  2. Installation errors that caused the case to be skewed,
  3. The installation location of the outdoor unit does not comply with the operating requirements,
  4. The integrity of the outdoor unit is broken,
  5. Dirt adhering to the fan impeller, for example, some of the dirt has peeled off and interferes with the operation of the impeller. Breakdown or malfunction of the fan,
  6. Clogged tubes,
  7. The drainage pump crackles and makes extraneous sounds - this signals that it needs to be replaced.

Experience shows that a few years after the air conditioner's operation, the lack of regular high-quality maintenance leads to the fact that the device starts to work loudly. Sometimes this happens immediately after the installation of climate equipment. Therefore, the mechanic needs to identify the source of these noises since the sooner they are detected, the easier it will be to eliminate them.