Daikin air conditioner repair service

The Japanese brand Daikin is among the world's top three air conditioner manufacturers. Since 1924, this brand has guaranteed reliability, durability and flawless operation of all manufactured models.

But even a reliable Daikin air conditioner can fail due to improper installation, periodic maintenance and physical wear and tear. So when you get only a blinking indicator in the most scorching heat instead of blissful coolness, do not despair!

Specialists of the Chennai Service Center will diagnose and repair the Daikin air conditioner in Chennai at an affordable price and with a quality guarantee.

Daikin Air Conditioner Fault Codes

The manufacturer categorically does not recommend do-it-yourself repairs of Daikin air conditioners, but you can quickly identify the cause of the failure using the unique self-diagnosis system.

The operational definition of the error code, transferred to the service center, significantly reduces the time to eliminate the failure.

Depending on the nature and localization, malfunctions are divided into types:

  1. mechanical defects of the hull, units and connections;
  2. problems with power supply and electronics;
  3. malfunctions of the cooling system 

Daikin air conditioner trouble codes are displayed on the remote control or the wall controller as a two-character code, which can consist of: 2 letters, for example:

  1. AA-overheating of the heating element; 
  2. AE - lack of water;
  3. AF - humidifier failure, etc.;
  4. From letters and numbers:
  5. A1 - malfunction of the printed circuit board in the indoor unit, 
  6. A2 - fan motor blocking, etc.;
  7. From 2 digits:
  8. 32 - a malfunction in the outdoor air humidity sensor; 
  9. 52 - fan motor overload, 
  10. 61 - PCB malfunction, etc.

Possible defects and solutions

Even if you do not know how to get the error code, there are several situations that you can safely solve on your own.

If the Daikin air conditioner is not cooling, you need to check the following:

  1. Are doors and windows closed in the room?
  2. whether the cooling mode is currently on,
  3. whether at least 10 minutes have passed since I turned it on,
  4. air filters are clogged, these elements block quickly, so you should check them at least once every four weeks.

Water is leaking from the Daikin air conditioner.

From time to time, water drips from the air conditioners, but if a large amount of liquid flows out of the unit, this can be caused by several reasons:

  1. clogged air filter;
  2. there is a hole or crack in the drain pan.

Try cleaning the air filter. If something else is needed, contact a technician.

There is an unpleasant smell coming from Daikin.

The main reason is that the air conditioner needs service. You should clean it periodically to prevent odours.

Unpleasant odours can come from the sewer system. That means the drainage tube has been brought into the sewer without a siphon; it must be installed to eliminate the smell.

If an odour appears intermittently after the device has turned on, it may be ozone generated during the air purification process, which is completely normal and nothing to worry about.

But if you suddenly smell burning, immediately turn off the power to the unit and call an air conditioning specialist.

The Daikin air conditioner turns off.

If the Daikin turns off constantly, it can cause several problems:

  1. dirty air filters 
  2. dirty coils, 
  3. refrigerant leak. 
  4. malfunction of parts and assemblies
  5. malfunction of temperature or pressure sensors

All work (except filter cleaning) is safer to entrust to specialists.

Regularly maintaining your Daikin air conditioner is extremely important to prevent common problems. In addition, the sooner problems have been identified, the less likely it is to have expensive repairs in the future.

Moreover, it is important to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis by qualified specialists who know all the features of the Japanese air conditioning system.

Diagnostics and repair of Daikin air conditioners in Chennai

The Master Kholoda service company performs all types of work with all brands of Daikin air conditioners. Our engineers have been working with famous brands of air conditioners for more than 10 years and have access to databases and the international Daikin forum:

  1. Our service center is equipped with the latest equipment from leading brands.
  2. We carry out rapid error-free diagnostics, professional Daikin cleaning, washing, and preparation for the season.
  3. Electronic engineers perform repairs of electronic boards for Daikin air conditioners and set up a regular operation of VRV systems and split systems, fan coil units, and chillers.
  4. Daikin Compressor Replacement

Diagnostics and adjustment of air conditioners by the Chennai Service Center company specialists can be carried out both on the spot and by removing the equipment from the company's service center. We are a direct service provider. Therefore, there is no risk of overpayments.

Do you need a Daikin repair in Chennai, the price of which is acceptable, and the quality is at its best? Then, dial our number and get more detailed information: 9500611963!