Air conditioner repair

Today, air conditioners are necessary equipment not only in offices, shops, and salons but also in every home. However, for trouble-free, uninterrupted operation of the presented device, its timely maintenance is necessary Chennai Service Center repairs air conditioners of any complexity. Our specialists will promptly and efficiently fix breakdowns, replace faulty components, blow through drainage systems, perform adjustments and much more. We work with industrial and domestic climate systems from various manufacturers. Therefore, our experts are ready to go to your premises or apartment at a convenient time for you!

Sometimes the consumer turns a blind eye to minor defects in the operation of split systems, which is why existing problems in the device turn into fatal ones and repairing the air conditioner becomes inappropriate. What signs show us that it's time to request a master's call from a trusted company? There are several main features, for example:

  1. Bad smell
  2. flowing water
  3. Doesn't get cold
  4. It doesn't turn on
  5. Noisy
  6. Freezes over

In these situations, repairing the split system and setting up the equipment is strongly recommended.

Service is carried out in four main stages:

  1. Diagnosis and installation of the true cause of the malfunction,
  2. Replacement of defective parts,
  3. Repair work,
  4. Final settings and device startup.

You can be sure of the professionalism of our repair specialists! The staff includes only people with a high level of professionalism. Systematic advanced training allows them to keep abreast of innovations in the world of climate equipment and eliminate the most complex breakdowns. Note that the repair work cost in our company starts from only 500 rubles! Doing our job professionally and inexpensively is our main advantage.

Why choose us for split system repair?

  1. We always quote the total, fixed cost of the work - without hidden fees and imposed additional services.
  2. All masters have undergone professional training. They regularly improve their skills. In addition, they have extensive experience in the repair of climate equipment.
  3. We advise our clients on the maintenance and operation of split systems free of charge, trying to answer each one as fully as possible.
  4. We have our own spare parts warehouse, so in most cases, you won't have to order spare parts separately or wait for long delivery times.
  5. We are ready for both one-time repairs and cooperation on a contractual basis. And we value the trust of our customers.
  6. Our technicians will inform you of any possible problems related to improper installation or operation.
  7. The specialist's time and date of departure are agreed upon with the client - our masters will arrive at the facility at a convenient time for you.
  8. Chennai Service Center is provided with a guarantee.

We invite you to conclude an annual service contract! That will help you get discounts on repairs. Air conditioning maintenance will be at a more affordable price! We will monitor the condition of the climate equipment systematically, avoiding minor defects in work. Chennai Service Center offers the most flexible conditions for repairing air conditioners in Chennai with a visit to your home, office or other premises. We also provide free consultations for our customers and give recommendations on maintenance. Our warehouse of spare parts allows us to carry out repairs quickly without waiting for long deliveries from suppliers. We provide a guarantee for our services for up to 3 months! You should take advantage of our offer.

We are ready to answer your questions or accept an application for the repair and maintenance of air conditioners by phone at 9500611963 or through the feedback form on the website.